On the topic of “Pictures”

I’m very sorry that Jennifer Lawrence and so many women had their privacy invaded. However, I am very very encouraged by the discussion that it has created this time around.

Previously, I’ve seen in the news how a single woman had pictures leaked and how upset she was, but there was very little sympathy because “why is she taking nude pictures of herself in the first place?” or “Well she’s just did that scene in that movie, what’s the big deal” or “Nudity is no big deal why is she’s making such a fuss?”

All of these arguments fail to address the issue of the woman’s own agency. Does she have control over her own body, her own work, her own accounts? Men aren’t targets like this because men are not treated as objects to be viewed by men on the whim’s of men. Angelina Jolie choses to be in a movie with no clothes on when she wants to be and no sooner. Jennifer should be afforded the same right. And you have no right to see her if she does not chose to do so.

It’s this last point I see debated much more than before, in my opinion. This could be because I’ve crafted my twitter and RSS streams to much more thoughtful sources, but the fact that the sources are out there and pounding away at this point are encouraging.

Jennifer has a lot to think about herself in terms of internet security. So does Apple… but that’s not your problem. Your problem is recognizing that anything that takes Jennifer’s agency away from her is wrong.

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